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Mission Statement

The Dr. Kenneth Melville McGill Black Faculty and Staff Caucus endeavors to:


  1. Cultivate a nurturing learning and working environment for Black faculty and staff (and, by extension, Black students); 

  2. Advocate on behalf of Black faculty and staff on matters of recruitment, retention, advancement, as well as curricular offering; 

  3. Participate in consultations on matters related to the experiences of Black faculty and staff at McGill;

  4. Celebrate Black faculty and staff, and Black communities beyond McGill in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada—embracing the origins, richness, complexity, diversity, and unboundedness of Black experience and people of African descent; 

  5. Initiate and sustain outreach to Black students, Black alumni, other members of the McGill Black community, including Black communities in Montreal and beyond, and other Black faculty and staff caucuses in the academy;

  6. Work in solidarity with the Indigenous Faculty and Staff Caucus, and the caucuses of other historically marginalized communities at McGill.


McGill Black Faculty & Staff Caucus on Twitter

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